Domestic Relations

Having clerked for one of Maryland’s most respected family judges, Mr. VerStandig began his legal career as an associate working under the supervision of some of the state’s top divorce lawyers. While he has since diversified his practice, he has never abandoned his marital relations roots, constantly advising clients in connection with prenuptial agreements and always maintaining a courtroom presence in various divorce, custody and alimony proceedings.

Mr. VerStandig has established himself as a creative and detail-oriented domestic relations litigator, often using emerging or obscure legal theories to advance the interests of his clients, and always proving unwavering in his diligent and detail-obsessed analysis of complex cases. He is as relentless a story teller in the courtroom as he is a negotiator in settlement discussions, and he has developed a keen appreciation for the delicate priorities that often underlie marital relations disputes.

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